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15 NOV 2014


Belka Productions present


A new translation of Semyon Zlotnikov's A Man Comes to a Woman

Translated by Svetlana Osipova & Rosy Benjamin, adapted by James Elliott


Marriage is all about getting tied down... or is it tied up?

Viktor, 30s, pharmacist. Likes: thinking, security. Dislikes: the existential abyss, rain.

Dina, 30s, telephone operator. Likes: walks on the beach, good posture. Dislikes: time-wasting, hunched men.

On a rainy Russian night, Soviet singleton Viktor turns up at the door of his blind date Dina - and, some time after, she lets him come in. The chronically nervous Viktor may not seem an obvious match for romantic but blunt Dina, but with both desperate to impress, together they drink, dance, wince and woo their way through the highs and lows of a lifelong marriage in the space of a single breathless night. But as passions run high and Viktor and Dina get tied up in each other, the lovers come to realise that getting together is only the beginning...

Originally written in the 1970s by Russian playwright Semyon Zlotnikov, Belka Productions present a new adaptation of this rapidfire Soviet farce.


A workshop performance of Tied to You was presented as one half of a double bill, together with An Imaginary Circus, running at Pushkin House & the New Diorama Theatre in November 2014.


Director: James Elliott

Cast: Rosy Benjamin , Oliver King

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