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08 DEC 2015


Oliver King for Belka Productions present


A Rehearsed Reading

A new adaptation, by James Elliott, of Boris Lavrenyev's classic novel

Pushkin House, London: 8th DECEMBER 2015

1922. A desert island in the Aral Sea, Russia: the scene of a miracle, as Maryutka Filatovna, crack sharpshooter for the Red Army in the Russian Civil War, fights to survive a brutal winter, to deliver her captive and sole companion to justice: White Army Lieutenant, Vadim.

1932. A cell, somewhere in the Soviet Union: the scene of a nightmare, as Maria Basova, the 'Poet of the Volga' and alleged dissident, fights to be allowed to die, her only possible escape from the brutal interrogation of Stalin's NKVD.

In the unimaginable and incomprehensible horrors of a Russian winter and Stalin's purges, one woman fights to prove her devotion to the one thing in her life she has ever truly loved. But what do the NKVD want from her? What brought them to this Communist Party hero? And what really happened on that island?

Belka Productions are thrilled to present a rehearsed reading of this new play, adapted for the stage from Boris Lavrenyev's classic novel for the very first time.

Runs 120 mins.

Cast: Tamla Kari, Benjamin O'Mahony, Jamie Sives

Date:       Tuesday 8th December 2015

Time:      7pm - 8.30pm

Tickets:  £10 / £8

Venue:    Pushkin House, 5a Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA

For further information and tickets click here or call 020 7269 9770

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