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This course introduces the actor to The Vakhtangov Technique and its key principles through a series of individual and group exercises focusing on imagination and justification. The work will be permeated with a number of Vakhtangovian concepts. The Vakhtangov Technique aims to enhance the versatility of the actor, enabling him/her to respond to any given artistic task with spontaneity, artistic courage and justification.

Actors will be guided through an exciting mix of exercises, and encouraged to enter a creative environment where any act of expression is possible. During the course, actors will strengthen their internal and external flexibility and develop the habit of always expressing oneself physically on stage. Perfecting this will enable the actor to heighten internal freedom, fully justify artistic creations, and execute them fearlessly with absolute belief.

The course is taught by UK's leading Vakhtangov technique specialist, Oleg Mirochnikov.


A  course designed to improve the improvisational and physical skills of the actor. Details for the next course will be announced shortly. 

This course focuses on developing two of the most important areas of acting technique: improvisation and physical skills. It explores how spontaneity and internal flexibility which associated with improvisation seek a physical externalisation in space and how this is aided by a free and expressive body. Through specifically designed and challenging warm-ups, exercises and improvisations you will rediscover the spontaneity of a child and learn to release your inner resources, previously unrecognised. You will be taken to breathtaking corners of your imagination and will develop the transformative skills that will become second nature to you and equip you with resilient artistic courage. The sessions will be divided as follows: 


Physical and acting warm up.

A versatile actor must be able to respond to an artistic task with spontaneity, justify everything that happens during any act of theatre of whatever form and transform. Our physical and acting warm–up focuses on the development of these skills.

You will be put through an exciting mix of situations, characters and metamorphoses. You will enter a magical environment where any act of physical expression, transformation and action is possible and where your imagination can become fully liberated. An atmosphere will be created which will liberate you and give you total artistic freedom.

Guided by the tutors the exercises will move at a kaleidoscopic speed. You will work either as individuals, or in pairs, or as a whole group.

Gradually you will strengthen your external technique and develop the habit of always expressing yourself physically on stage. Perfecting this will enable you to enhance your internal freedom, act with complete spontaneity, and transform into a being of any type and shape. You will be able to fully justify any of your artistic creations and execute them with absolute belief. You will become fearless when undertaking any artistic task, and your technique will never limit your creativity.



Arguably improvisation could be seen as the barometer of the actor's creative state. It tests his complete readiness for action, intuitivefreedom, imaginative use of the material and sensitivity to his partners. The real talent of an actor reveals itself in his ability to improvise using a unique combination of a finely-honed internal technique and virtuoso external expressivity and therefore achieving this condition should be the starting point for any good actor training.

This section of the workshop will concentrate on developing improvisation technique. You will work on structured improvisations based on real or "fictional" situations in which the stakes are deliberately heightened and participants are constantly challenged by an unexpected turn of events. We call this "the provocative" approach to improvisation. It is intended to challenge the idea of improvisation as being simply the "organic" existence of an actor within a particular situation and thus to move him away from the simplest everyday truth which can cause a false sense of freedom and diminish creativity. By being challenged through "provocative" we will examine how far the actor may travel beyond the comfortable truth, and will discover hidden psychophysical resources and unexpected spiritual depth.

The course will also focus on the relationship between improvisational technique and principals of detailed psychological theatre, i.e. the concept of "prepared improvisation with a technique". This will allow us to demonstrate the basic rudiments of acting technique such as actions and activities, and will emphasise the importance of the role of Given Circumstances in the discovery of both spontaneity and logic in improvisations.

The scenarios will be supplied by us and at any point during the exercises we will introduce new and unexpected turns of events ("provocations"). You will work in small groups of 3-4 actors, constantly swapping roles between the initial participants in a particular improvisation and the "provocateurs" who introduce new circumstances, characters and events.

Vakhtangov Technique: An Introduction - July 2014 course

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All our programmes are taught by Oleg Mirochnikov and Liana Nyquist. For their biographies please visit the About Us page.