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Educational Workshops for Schools

Belka is developing a two branch approach to our Educational Outreach programs.

One branch will involve workshops based specifically on Eastern European and Russian drama. We can come to your school and provide specialist support to enhance your curriculum. The other branch is less specific and will involve broader acting based workshops that would be appropriate for any drama class. Both strands are aimed for senior high school students but can be adapted for younger participants.

We are always happy to work with teachers and groups of students to contextualise their experience of our productions. If you are considering bringing a group of 10+ students to one of our productions please contact


Corporate Outreach and Training Programs:

Belka Productions also facilitates a series of professional development corporate programs that provide a unique perspective on workplace training. We have on hand a selection of qualified individuals, with considerable experience who are interested sharing their skills in environments perhaps not traditionally associated with the arts.

Much of the rehearsal process in theatre relies on forming a unique trust between the company, crew and actors and regularly involves rehearsal techniques that emphasise both effective communication and team-work. Both of these areas are key for corporate training environments and are ideal tools for professional development.

We will work with you to build on the skills of your corporate team and provide a worthwhile and engaging experience. For example, depending on the circumstances of the specific brief, skills relating to role-play and written communication can also be addressed.

Please contact us with any inquiries or for further information regarding what is available under our Corporate Outreach and Training Programs.


For further information on either of the above then please contact us.