Belka Productions

Third Floor

15 Maiden Lane

London WC2E 7NG

020 8123 1604

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Why is the company called Belka Productions and how did it begin?

Belka was one of the first Russian dogs in space, following in the footsteps of her predecessor Laika, and was launched from Russian mission control on August 19th 1960. She was the first dog to actually orbit and return alive. The company is named in her honour, and we hope to continue her pioneering and groundbreaking work, albeit in 'The Arts'. The company was formed by Rosy Benjamin, Oliver King and Oleg Mirochnikov in 2011.   


Where is Belka Productions based?

Belka Productions is based in the UK, with an office in North London.


Does Belka Productions accept unsolicitated scripts?

Belka Productions does accept scripts for consideration. Please send a hard copy to the address listed on the left of this page.


Does the company have a permanent group of actors? Can I send my CV?

Like the majority of theatre companies in the UK, our actors are on fixed-term contracts. For each new production casting will be announced via Spotlight, and on our website. Please do not send unsolicited CV's, and if applying for a role please make sure you fit the character description. 


How can I find out about future productions?

The best place to find out about our upcoming shows is this website. Please also consider signing up to our mailing list. To do so please submit a form via the Contact Us page.